group of company
  1. S H Kelkar and Company Limited
    In 1922, our flagship company, S.H. Kelkar and Co. Pvt. Ltd., was founded. It began as a manufacturer of industrial perfumes in British India. Today, we are one of India's largest fragrance players. Key subsidiaries of our Company listed below:
  2. Keva Fragrances Private Limited
    Established in 1984 to cater to the international market. Its products span multiple product categories and are widely used in SEA, Middle East, SAARC and Africa.
  3. Keva Flavours Private limited
    Keva Flavours has been manufacturing and developing flavours for the last several decades. It has focused on specialized flavours for the Pharma, Dairy, Tea and Beverage markets. From a toothpaste to a dessert, Keva Flavours adds taste to a wide variety of foods.
  4. K.V. Arochem Private Limited
    The aroma ingredients division was established in 1978 with a manufacturing unit at Vapi, India. As part of our expansion in 2013, an investment was made to set up a Multi-Purpose Plant in Vapi
  5. PFW Aroma Ingredients B.V.
    PFW is a 100-year old Netherlands based manufacturer of aroma ingredients and specialty chemicals. Acquisition and integration of PFW took place in 2011. It added one manufacturing facility with two production plants a research Centre to our operations.
  6. Saiba Industries Private Limited.
    Saiba Industries, a flavours manufacturer, was founded in 1960 in India. It went on to become one of the leading domestic players in flavours. Saiba was successfully acquired and integrated in 2012.